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Small & Medium Businesses Have A Much Lower P/E Ratio Than Companies Listed Publicly. Which Means A Much Higher ROI For You. Explore How Westernston Holdings Handles The Investment, Acquisition, Management, Growth & Exit For You, Click On The Button Below...

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Why Invest In SME's?

Because SME's are extremely profitable.

SME's have low P/E ratio. Much lower than publicly listed companies. Much lower price than large companies. They are very profitable. You can earn back your entire investment in just a few years. All through annual dividends alone.

There is literally nothing else like this that is so profitable.

Because SME's can grow rapidly.

Companies that already have a huge marketshare (10%, 20% or more) can't grow fast. They are lucky to grow 10% a year, if that much. There just is no room for growth. The markets are consolidated. The supply is saturated. There are established big players. In most cases, markets aren't growing. Demand is not growing. And the big companies can only hope to retain their marketshare.

On the other hand SME's can grow fast. They have tiny market shares. And so they can double, triple or quadruple their market shares. Very quickly. In just a few years. Which means, your shares go up in value fast. If you are a fundamental or value investor, there is nothing else that is better. 

If SME's are so great, why don't investors invest in them all the time?

Because It's Too Much Work

It's easy to buy a stock. It's easy to buy a gold leaf. It's also relatively easy to invest in real estate.

It's easy to invest in a hedge fund. It's easy to tap a money manager. Heck, they'll beat the way down to your door all day long if you just hint to them you have money to invest.

It's also easy to chip in and become a venture capitalist or an angel investor - especially if you've got someone else to take care of all the investment decisions.

But acquiring SMEs is a whole project in and of itself.

  • You've got to ensure the soundness of business.
  • You've got to make sure the books aren't cooked.
  • You've got to ensure that the book value of the assets is representative of the actual market value.
  • You've got to negotiate.
  • You've got to deal with the legalities of acquiring a business.
  • You've got to ensure that there are no pending lawsuits.
  • You've got to do due diligence about market conditions.
  • You've got to understand the economic and competitive factors.And you've got to do much, much more - just to acquire the business.

And once the acquisition is done, the real work starts...

SME's are rarely systemized. The owner/seller is actually involved in a lot of day-to-day work in most cases. Which is why the P/E ratio is so low in the first place. So once the deal is done, you've got a lot more work to do...

  • You've to ensure revenues keep flowing in.
  • You've to ensure suppliers don't begin to overcharge you.
  • You've got to build enduring relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  • You've got to build synergistic relationships with distributors and wholesalers.
  • You've got to take care of the day-to-day management of the business.
  • You've got to get responsible leaders to replace the seller, who most probably was also the leader.
  • You've got to ensure talent retention.
  • You've got to build systems to automate processes.
  • You've got to explore new marketing channels and opportunities.
  • And much, much more...

As you can see, SME's are very profitable. They can be had at very low P/E ratios. If invested in, they can be very lucrative. But there is a lot of work.

And that's where Westernston Holdings, Inc. comes in

We take care of all this heavy lifting for you. We take care of negotiations. We take care of due diligence. We take care of legal and financial issues. We take care of compliance and licensing issues. We take care of research. We take care of the entire acquisition deal.

Then we take care of post-acquisition responsibilities. We manage the businesses. We systemize the companies. We scale the operations. We double, and redouble marketing efforts. We take care of growth hacking. We take care of hiring, training and retaining of key staff members. We build lasting relationships with distributors and wholesalers. We build enduring relationships with vendors and suppliers. We optimize operations. We strengthen supply chain.

We grow the business and its profitability.

All while you sit back and enjoy the increased cashflows, as well as valuation of your stock.

Are There Any Risks?

All investments are inherently risky.

All investments are inherently risky. In fact, there's risk in everything you do. Driving a car can be risky too. But you don't have to be a risky driver, right?

When you invest in the stock market, you assume far too many risks. Far more than most investors realize.

There's market risk, and there's systemic risk. You can pick the most undervalued stocks. You can pick the soundest companies. And yet, if the whole market crashes, your stocks might lose value too. And that's just one example. There are currency risks, there are economic risks, there are relationship risks, there are legal risks, and so on.

Here at Westernston Holdings, we strive to eliminate, and hedge against as much of that risk as possible. We minimize your risk as an investor. Here's how...

We Only Buy Established SMEs

It's far easier to catch rain than it is to make rain.

If you invest in a startup, you're betting on the founders to be able to "make rain". You're betting that they have solid marketing ideas. You're betting that they can produce revenues. You are betting that they can generate sales.

On the other hand, when you co-invest with Westernston Holdings, there is no betting.

  • You already know that the business is established.
  • You already know the revenue figures.
  • You know that sales are already coming in.
  • You know that the business has been growing year after year after.
  • You know that the company is profitable.
  • You know for a fact that the right team of people is operating it.
  • You know for a fact that the business has cashflow.
  • You see for yourself the books - income statements and balance sheets.
  • You know for a fact that the business has been around for years - even decades.

What is Westernston?

Westernston is the world's leading business systems architecture firm.We help our clients with systemizing their business' operations and growing their brand equity. To this end, we provide tools, training and other work-product that help them stratgically achieve their objective(s).

What is Westernston Holdings?

Westernston Holdings is a small, private, invitation-only investors' group. It is helmed by the Westernston team. Westernston Holdings grows by acquiring profitable and well-established SME businesses in North-East United States.

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